Quastels is now active in Hong Kong

Quastels is now active in Hong Kong

Quastels LLP is pleased to announce that it has established a presence in Hong Kong to manage and co-ordinate some of the dozens of enquiries that it is now receiving from Hong Kong based residents.

Quastels is a highly regarded London-based firm of qualified commercial solicitors with a powerful network of clients and contacts ranging from individual entrepreneurs and investors to some of the largest global companies and brands.

Due to recent demand, the firm is handling regular pre-qualified enquires from Hong Kong residents regarding:

  • how to form and acquire UK based businesses
  • how to acquire UK commercial/investment properties and residential apartments; and
  • the issues raised by the UK Government’s proposed visa changes for BN (O)s.

To be included on the next UK immigration and visa webinar please email Tanya Laidlaw, a partner of Quastels; tlaidlaw@quastels.com

For any questions regarding business acquisitions or purchasing properties in the UK please contact Jonathan Gross, a partner of Quastels; jgross@quastels.com