We are committed to providing a bespoke, client focused service to clients both in the UK and internationally. We are able to assist in various methods of resolving disputes including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

We are different from many other top firms because not only do all clients receive partner attention ensuring the matter is handled in an experienced, timely and cost-effective manner) but we are able to adapt our service offering to best meet your needs. We work with you to advise, protect and add value to your business, your assets and your interests.

Whilst we are flexible – and often pleasingly different – both in our approach to you, your matter and the costs and funding, one aspect remains constant: our efforts are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome.

Real Estate Disputes

We offer a sensible and pragmatic approach to resolving property disputes and advise on the a full range of such matters including those relating to:

  • Issues between landlords and tenants
  • Boundary and property disagreements
  • Dilapidations claims (representing landlords and tenants)

Contentious issues relating to:

  • Developments
  • Joint venture disputes
  • Rent reviews
  • Property-related insolvency

We regularly advise clients on matters that relate to their finances, obligations and liabilities. We recognise that this is a stressful and uncertain time and we will help identify the issues and understand your objectives, before providing cost effective and pragmatic advice.

We advise those who are unclear or concerned either about their own or another’s duties or liabilities. We are often asked to assess whether there may be a breach of fiduciary duties and/or advise upon the consequences of a failing in these duties.

Reputation & Defamation

We have a high level of expertise in the constantly evolving area of technology, social media and defamation. With the plethora of online and print sources (including “fake news”), whenever there is the possibility of your reputation being tainted, we can advise on various strategies to help minimise the impact. Where appropriate we can also pursue claims for damages.

Debt Recovery

We provide our clients with a cost effective debt recovery service. Various matters and disputes can significantly affect your cash flow and create uncertainty. Our Recovery team is trusted by individuals to recover the maximum amount of the debt as quickly as possible and/or advise on effective and suitable enforcement options.