We provide our clients with a cost effective debt recovery service. As unpaid invoices can significantly affect cash flow and create uncertainty, our recovery team is trusted by businesses to recover the maximum amount of the debt as quickly as possible.

If a court judgment remains unpaid then we offer a range of effective and suitable enforcement options, which include (but are not limited to):

  • Execution against goods: Enlisting the assistance of an enforcement officer to seize and sell a debtor’s goods.
  • Charging order: Obtaining security against land or other assets, which may also include applying to court for an order to sell the land/assets.
  • Third party debt order. Where monies are held by a third party (for example a bank or other institution) an application can be made to court for these assets to be frozen and seized.
  • Attachment of earnings. This entails the deduction from a debtor’s income by his or her employer to pay the debt.
  • Winding-up or bankruptcy proceedings.