UKBA Reminder System launched for migrants whose leave is due to expire

12 April 2013

The UK Border Agency has announced the launch of the Reminder pilot system which came into force on 9 April 2013. The Home Office is working in partnership with an external contractor (Capita), who will assist with contact management and case working services. The new scheme will target individuals whose permission to stay in the UK is due to expire and advise them that they must either apply for further leave or depart from the UK.

The UKBA has stated that the contractor “will make contact with a randomly selected sample group of migrants whose leave to remain in the UK will expire in June 2013”. These migrants will receive a letter, email or SMS reminding them either to apply for further leave to remain or to make plans to depart before their permission to stay expires. Further reminders will be sent to them one month and then seven days before their leave expires.

This introduction comes as a logical step forward after the system was first tested in December 2012. However, following the testing period, some non-EEA nationals currently living and working in the UK were contacted in error due to inaccurate information being supplied to Capita, causing considerable stress to those affected.  UKBA has promised to continue working closely with Capita to ensure information provided is accurate. If UKBA receives evidence showing that an individual’s leave is not due to expire in the next two months, if they have already applied to extend their leave or if they have already left the UK, the relevant person’s records will be updated accordingly.

If you have been contacted by Capita or anyone else on behalf of UKBA or have any concerns regarding this scheme, please contact Tanya Laidlaw immediately.