The UK Border Agency is ‘open for business’ to China

01 February 2013

In response to the recent allegations in the media that the UK is falling down the pecking order of destinations to visit for Chinese workers and visitors due to its complicated and costly immigration procedures (see the articles in the Telegraph), the UK Border Office has issued statistics that confirm that:

  • 94 per cent of Chinese visitors who apply for a visa get one (Home Office statistics).
  • 96 per cent of applicants surveyed who have applied for a visa said that they were satisfied with the service they received (UK Border Agency customer satisfaction surveys October – December 2012).
  • 97 per cent of non-settlement visas from Chinese nationals are processed within 15 days (and 54 per cent within 5 days) (see China’s processing times).
  • 99 per cent of business visit visas are decided within 15 days (75 per cent within 5 days) (see China’s processing times).